Six top robot vacuum cleaners for 2022

The ultimate in convenience is top robot vacuum cleaners. There is no need for you to worry about carpets and floors getting soiled. Just set your robot to work according to a timetable.

top robot vacuum cleaners

top robot vacuum cleaners

top robot vacuum cleaners

Roomba S9+ 

One of iRobot’s most recent robot vacuum launches is the Roomba S9+. It may be connected with a robot mop to form a powerful cleaning team. It boasts excellent cleaning performance, intelligent navigation, a long runtime, digital mapping, and digital mapping capabilities. To provide the best-automated cleaning experience, it is also one of the few models that include a self-emptying dust bin.



This buying guide will examine the top robot vacuum cleaners available on the market. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks and assist you in selecting the best robot for your house.


Follow along as they spotlight the top robot vacuum for various cleaning jobs and for use on numerous kinds of floors and detritus. Having stated that, let’s get started.

Find the Best Robot Vacuum for Your Home

When looking for the most incredible robot vacuum, it’s crucial to think carefully about the best sort of robot vacuum. Is carpet a significant part of your space? Hardwoods? or a blend of the two? Do you have a hard time avoiding pet hair?

 top robot vacuum cleaners 2022

We weigh various variables when determining what model is the most appropriate overall robot vacuum in 2022.

Roomba S9+ Review — 7 Month Test - Modern Castle


The best robot vacuums have following features:

  • outstanding cleaning results
    excellent cleaning results
    clever navigation
    Long enough runtime to complete the task

We have evaluated aspects like design, functionality, usefulness, run time, maintenance, navigational, and overall cleaning performance while evaluating 37 robot vacuums (and are constantly testing more) on the market.

The Design

Roomba® S9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Clean Base® | iRobot® | iRobot

The Neato Botvac D7 originally sported a D-shaped body style, which is a design feature of the Roomba S9+. The revised design allows for a more extensive cleaning path and makes it simpler for S9+ to reach edges and corners as it cleans.

How It Cleans

The S9+ avoids obstructions and moves through spaces more effectively as it cleans, thanks to an onboard camera that lets it “see” places digitally.

The iRobot Home app allows users to examine mapping software reports generated by this model and is also equipped with zonal cleaning.

Cleaning Performance

The S9+ has not yet been subjected to our deep-dive cleaning testing. The Roomba i7+, one notch below the S9+, has been tested by us.

Cleanup performance on the i7+ proved essentially faultless, and we anticipate the S9+ to function similarly (if not better).





Low Carpet


High Carpet


The findings below show that our model successfully captured 99% of all litter on all different types of floors. Models from the competition can seldom match the results of this good.

Other Top Picks  

             Roomba i7+

The S9+ is one level above the Roomba i7+. Even so, it represents a significant improvement over many other robots. In our tests, its cleaning efficiency was 99%. The i7+ includes one of the best navigation systems of any robot vacuum, recharge and resume capabilities, and a self-emptying dust container. All for several hundred dollars less than the S9+.



The Roomba E5 is the best option if the S9+ or i7+ are both out of your pricing range or if you simply don’t care about the ego dust container.

          Roomba E5

Given its performance, the Roomba e5 is remarkably cost-effective. It achieved 99% in all cleaning testing, just like the Roomba i7+. One of the most incredible robots on the market, it lacks the soul dust bin, recharge & start, and has less sophisticated navigation. And clearly among the best values.


What is the best robot vacuum in 2021?

The Roomba i7, with received a score of 99% on our tests, is the second-best choice. It offers advanced features like Imprint Smart Maps, a soul dust bin, and other features similar to the S9. Consider the Roomba 675 if you’re on a tight budget. Even though it doesn’t have all the different parts of those other Roomba robot vacuums, it performs exceptionally well when cleaning.



       Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is the most OK value robot vacuum for removing pet hair. Despite being on the market for a while, this model is still among the best-selling and most effective ones in the Roomba series. The 980 has a “Power Boost” mode that increases suction on carpets (this function is exclusive to the 980 and S9/S9+ versions).




      Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 connects to your smartphone, provides excellent navigation, and self-adjusts its suction for various floors. The vacuum has a very long run time due to this combination. In addition to the 150 min run time + recharge and resume, we prefer it for pet hair for such reasons.



       Roomba E5

It’s difficult not to endorse the Roomba e5 in several categories. It just finds such a great mix between strength and cost. Due to the features that make it a solid overall choice, notably the rubberized brush rolls, we appreciate it for pet hair. It is adept at handling exceptionally long pet hair if you take it with a lot of it. Rubber brushes are easier to use and less prone to tangle hair.



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