Here’s why you should shave your Head with a Bald Head Shaver for a Hair Transplant

Check out some of the positives of shaving your head with a Bald Head Shaver before a hair transplantation surgery. Find out its significance!!

Head Shaver

Once you have committed to regrowing your head of hair, you might have
consulted a hair restoration doctor. They might have recommended you a hair
transplant just because of the significant hair loss you suffer.
After listening to all the risks and benefits that come with the procedure, one thing is sure to catch your mind. They are advise you to shave your head with a Head
Shaver before the transplantation procedure.
But why should you shave your head? Well, you want your hair back, right? You know
how different you will look with balding or thinning hair and you might be thinking that
shaving it with a Bald Head Shaver is going in the opposite of the direction you are trying
to with your scalp. So, here we will be discussing the reasons why you should shave your
head and why it is highly recommended and essential before a hair transplantation

The good Ones For You

To be obvious upfront, there is no compulsion to shave your head with a Head Shaver
to undergo the hair transplantation process for balding. But being courageous enough
to shave your head with a Bald Head Shaver before hair transplantation for male pattern
baldness is known as alopecia areata.
On the short side, the complete hair transplant procedure can take anywhere between 4-
8 hours and up to 12 hours on the long side. The time primarily depends upon the
number of hairs that need to be harvested, which largely depends on the degree of
hair loss. That is often with you lying face down in a chair or sitting while the
surgeon and his team perform the procedure on your scalp. Once you shave your
head with Head Shaver, it allows the surgeon to more easily identify the hairs for
harvesting, which would shave off several potential hours of the procedure. This
ensures a more convenient method for you as a patient, less time in a face-down
system where you can’t move much, less time having repeat injections of lidocaine to
keep the scalp numb, and less time being uncomfortable in a chair.

For your surgeon

So, now to undergo the procedure, you have trusted and chosen a top-notch hair
surgeon, but after all, no physician is superman all the time. The longer a single person is

involved with any activity, the lower the quality of that process will be towards the end as
they start losing focus. To state in another way, the surgeon fatigues. The entire
process of hair harvesting in which an individual hair is removed from the back of the
scalp and placed in the front or top of the scalp is pretty long. They take
out over a thousand hair or more, doing it one a time. And it must be done perfectly. This short-term benefit to the patient ultimately turns into a
long-term use. It will take almost nine months for the transplanted hairs
to grow to their full potential. So, suppose the surgeon can keep his focus throughout the
entire procedure during that one day of that hair transplant, each one of those
thousands of grafts that were carefully transplanted and now growing. In that case, you as a
patient will feel happy to see yourself with a fuller head of hair. Therefore, those few hours’ difference in the procedure of shaving your
head with a Bald Head Shaver is beneficial for everyone.

For your Hair

Shaving your head with a Head Shaver has a few additional benefits specifically
for the hair follicle. These come from the individual hairs and the nuances of
harvesting i.e., taking the single hair follicle from the back of the scalp and inserting it
into the balding area. The computer system can quickly identify the angle of the hair as it
comes out of the scalp if the hair is adequately trimmed down to 1mm. The rise is pretty
significant if the surgeon is off even a few degrees, the device used to core out the
hair follicle will transect or cut the strand in half, which if transplanted into the
scalp again will never grow. Moreover, so many hairs from the back of your
scalp need to be safely removed without causing the appearance of a bald spot on
the back of the head. So, each hair follicle counts.
Moreover, the benefits of shaving your head with a Bald Head Shaver are perceived
during the insertion of the hair follicle into the balding area, as if there are overlying long
hairs, it becomes tough to fully identify where the hair needs to go, and also to
give it enough distance from other already present inches to ensure that it can
grow freely in its newly implanted part of your scalp.


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