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James Cook University 

James Cook University (JCU), founded in 1961, is situated in Northern Tropical Queensland. JCU is a public university with a system of study that emphasizes research. In Australia, there are two JCU campuses. Both Cairns and Townsville, in Northern Queensland, are home to campuses, with the first located in Cairns. One of JCU’s international campuses is in Singapore, Asia. Other regions in Queensland have study centers. The institution bears the name of James Cook, a British sea captain credited with finding Queensland and the eastern coast of Australia. It has around 22000 students from 108 students throughout all campuses, which is an exceptional staff-to-student ratio. The largest campus is in Townsville, which has over 12,800 students.


JCU has outstanding global rankings. In 2018, it was listed as the 28th best young university (under 50 years old). JCU received the 369th overall ranking in the QS World University Rankings 2019 due to its unique teaching strategies and available resources for students. JCU is now ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide. JCU, the third-best institution in Australia, offers its students a wide range of study options.


JCU provides its students with a robust infrastructural experience. It has every amenity a university that ranks third in Australia ought to have. Research is a significant priority at university. The Science Place boasts a unique structure with top-notch laboratories and technologically advanced instructional areas. JCU campuses have a sizable asset portfolio totaling $1.28 billion. There are cutting-edge computer labs, research labs, and nature observatories on all campuses to assist students with their practical studies.

JCU offers its students outstanding teacher assistance. It offers a 22-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio, which aids students in finding answers to all kinds of questions. Outstanding refreshment facilities are available in addition to academics. Large-scale sporting venues, athletic facilities, and training facilities help students succeed in physical education. The vast libraries on JCU campuses provide literature to meet every demand of students. Up to 1300 students can find housing on campus at the Townsville Campus. All universities have designated food courts and catering services for students.

The courses James Cook University offers

James Cook University offers a wide range of courses in several subject areas. They could teach topics like biomedical science or tourism. JCU offers its students postgraduate, undergraduate, and diploma programs. These options are available to these students:

  • Social sciences and the arts
  • Sciences biomedical
  • Business
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Management of the Environment
  • Geoscience
  • Medical Studies
  • Computer technology
  • Law
  • Aquatic Science
  • Medicine
  • Midwifery and nursing
  • Occupation Therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Planning
  • Psychology
  • Tropical medicine and public health
  • Science
  • Social Service
  • Speech Therapy
  • Science of sport and exercise
  • Tourism
  • Science in Veterinary

Codes for James cook university courses

At JCU campuses, students can select from a variety of course selections with various course codes, including:

Accounting for Decision Making (BU1002)

• Students learn the accounting fundamentals in this course before moving on to a more in-depth understanding of accounts. Business Law (TBU1112)

• It primarily focuses on the commercial aspects of law, such as contracts, consumer protection, etc.

Process Engineering (EG1010)

• This course organizes case studies of the chemical processing industries and attempts to familiarise students with detailed chemistry principles.

Electric Circuits (EG1012)

Students learn about the ideas of electrical signals, currents, and circuits in this course. The learner learns to apply these principles as the course gets more in-depth.

JCU courses are renowned for their in-depth, research-based study. They significantly increase pupils’ knowledge and abilities. For all of JCU’s course options, students may ask for help from our paper writing services at James Cook University.

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