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The decisions we make about our way of life reflect not just our beliefs and attitudes but also our conventions, behaviours, and values. A way of life can provide us joy, assist us in keeping our health in check, and pave the road for us to do more than we ever thought possible. In addition, it can make us sick and prevent us from accomplishing tasks that are well within our capabilities.

We are in the enviable position of being able to choose behaviours and routines that, among other positive outcomes, contribute to our happiness, health, and success. Every day, we are provided with the opportunity to choose.

Maltbie Babcock summed this up fairly eloquently in a line that she penned, which reads as follows: “A day dawns, just like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour, the opportunity of a lifetime approaches us.”

Having stated that, there is a challenge connected to that possibility which needs to be considered. It may be challenging to leave up a way of life that has become comfortable, even if the person’s disagreeable routines or intolerances make the person’s lifestyle miserable. According to the wise words of Doug Firebaugh, “Something must die for growth,” which translates to “your old habits, your old self image, your old thinking, and your old life… must be weeded away,” for “the seeds of success to flourish,” one must “die” to something for something else to grow.

People desire to be free from the consequences of their vices, but not necessarily from the vices themselves. They want to be free from the consequences of their vices. People have a strong desire to be liberated from the negative effects of their vices. Many individuals strive to make changes much outside the realm of what is even remotely conceivable. Others attempt to change an excessive number of facets all at once. It doesn’t take long for old behaviours to return after being suppressed.

For instance, if committing to new behaviour consistently will strain you, then it is probably not a change that is viable for you to do at this time in your life. Adjustments on a smaller size that are carried out more frequently and on a more regular basis can result in modifications that are carried out more permanently. To get started, pick one brand-new behaviour that you will be able to include into your normal routine. The following activity entails looking for observable results brought about by the change.

If you are not currently living the life of your dreams, I encourage you to read through the following questions and give thoughtful consideration to each of them. After that, you should record your thoughts and reactions in a notebook. Participating in this exercise will help you develop a deeper awareness of the kind of lifestyle that most closely aligns with your values. It will also help you formulate a strategy for getting started on the process of constructing the lifestyle you want to have, which is another thing it will do for you.

How would I describe the kind of lifestyle that I currently lead?

In what ways do my beliefs contribute to the construction of the lifestyle that I lead?

How much money will I spend if I continue living the way I do now?

What kinds of immediate changes could I anticipate taking place in the areas of my life that are the most significant if I adopt a way of living that is more harmonious with the ideal?

To give you an example, what are some of the tasks you do daily that you could change? Which behaviours would you like to begin engaging in more frequently, and which behaviours would you wish to reduce or eliminate? Consider how you could find things to be different in the following domains:

Close Personal Relationships (Family and Career)

In the context of one’s own house, wellness and self-care are of paramount importance.

Energy level Serenity and inner calm

  • Finances
  • A period in which one can relax and take it easy
  • Temperament
  • The experience of happiness and contentment in one’s life

If I lived the lifestyle I envisioned for myself, what would my appearance be like, and how would I feel most of the time?

Which of my preferences, ways of thinking, and habits of behaviour prohibit me from living the life I imagine for myself from being fully enjoyed?

What steps would need to be performed on my end to free myself from those constraints?

What is the one facet of my existing way of life that leaps out as the clearest possibility for alteration or improvement, and why does this facet stand out to me as the most obvious candidate?

When will I start making the first change if I am willing to commit to making the necessary adjustments in thought and action to live the lifestyle I have envisioned for myself? When will I start making these changes if I am willing to make these commitments? If the response is affirmative, at what point will I start to make the first adjustment?

How will I feel once I have made these new ways of thinking and behaving a permanent part of my life?

What is one step I can take today to help me move forward and be more successful?

If you participate in this activity, your mind will become more responsive to the possibilities and options available to bring about positive change. Once you have a crystal clear picture of your goal and the adjustments needed to accomplish it, you can begin making headway toward a way of living that will bring you more success in all of the critical elements of your life.

If you answer these questions, you will likely be presented with further questions that require answers from you. You will find that it is necessary to carry out routine evaluations of your progress, make adjustments to the plan that you initially conceived of, and adapt your actions to these alterations. You can also get assistance from a professional life strategies coach in developing these questions to a deeper level, discovering the necessary answers, and designing a strategy to accomplish the way of life that you want to have.

Imagine you are finally living your life as it was meant to be. To achieve your objective, it is necessary to ascertain the modifications that must be made and to devise a plan that can be executed. The next step is to immediately make at least one relatively minor alteration to how you think and behave. Putting these suggestions into practice as soon as possible moves you toward living the life of your dreams.


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