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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

The Internet can help you expand your business. Using a cell phone to communicate via Email quickly, WhatsApp, Electricity Bill Transfer

mobile phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

Of the present, The best and A helpful invention is the mobile.
Be it women or men, children or older adults. Everything has become necessary. The mobile phone has become such a part of our life Life is incomplete without it. The fastest mobile phone connection And there is an easy way A mobile phone is also smaller in size Mobile phones can easily be kept in the pocket In today’s era Mobile phone is a blessing Mobile phones have eliminated people’s worries Now people can avoid the pain of waiting Having a mobile phone nowadays Not only fashion but also need of time The growing importance of mobile phones given The mobile companies of Now such mobiles have been introduced Which is cheap to buy and high in performance A modern mobile is like a mini-computer It also has internet facility Mobile is the ultimate tool to relieve boredom Your favourite game songs in the Mobile By downloading Can be enjoyed in free time.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority According to Pakistan, 58% of people, out of 100%, are mobile, and Ten cents are using the Internet. Information Communication Uses of technology Access and capability In 159 countries, Pakistan’s number is 128

Misuse of Mobile

For every scientific invention Where there are numerous benefits. There are also some downsides—for example, excessive use of mobile phones. The tendency of students towards education is decreasing. Some children waste their time watching movies and games on. Excessive mobile use of mobile telephones weakens eyesight and causes headaches. People make such people friends by using Facebook unnecessarily, Whom they don’t know And share your photos and videos with them, Which later makes them feel ashamed. Young boys and girls on Mobile We talk all day long by installing a call package on the mobile phone, spoiling society.
Excessive cell phone use has lost human dignity and a sense of distinction. Mobile phones’ negative consequences on Dinah People are so used to it. That goal comes at two points. They also forget to turn off their mobile phones. It is not just negligence and carelessness. Instead, there is also a violation of the sanctity of the purpose and places. It isn’t very reasonable to give mobile phones to young children. Every day, more people throughout the world use mobile phones.. The main reason for this is Everyone, big or small, has to use a mobile phone.

Advantages of mobile phones

Mobile phones also have numerous advantages. For example, By using Mobile Dictionary, students can increase their cable. They can read any book online. Apart from this, you can also learn grammar. Mobile phones are also a boon for business people. The Internet can help you expand your business. Using a cell phone to communicate via Email quickly, WhatsApp, Electricity Bill Transfer and Data can be saved As we know,


This is the age of two technologies. That’s why our nation, Therefore, our country cannot develop without technology Technology should be used, but Care should be taken when using technology appropriately. If the mobile phone is used only as needed So this mobile phone will be good for us, And it won’t waste our time either Mobile phones are not such a bad thing, And we should use the mobile phone only as a means of communication So it will be helpful for us


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